To all the Number One GIS and their families,

We are hosting the second Annual Vietnam Veteran’s Day banquet on March 12, 2011. This will be along the lines of our Annual Vietnam Veteran Appreciation gatherings that took place before the bill passed. This event is only for all Vietnam and Vietnam Era Veterans and their family and friends to attend.

The Lake Hallie Eagle’s Club has become a Partner with Thuy Smith International and the event will be hosted at their place.  WEAU NEWS 13 & News Anchor Judy Clark will be the Masters of Ceremony. There will be a social hour, meal, and special entertainment. There will also be an open sharing time.  By going to my website, you will find comments of past gatherings regarding how this open sharing time was the most powerful and favorite part of everyone who attended in the past.


4pm-6pm Social hour (Camaraderie)

6pm to 7pm meal

7pm -7:45 opening statement from News Anchor Judy Clark, I’ll be sharing some experiences from my two month trip to Vietnam, and vets sharing their personal thoughts.

8pm- 10pm special entertainment and guests

 I hope all you Number ONE GIS will join us this year. All of us coming together, with the unique connection to Vietnam that only we can understand best, is very important. It will be a good time of camaraderie and celebration now that we have an official Vietnam Veterans Day.

 Let us all come together and continue to strengthen the Common Bond between Vietnam Veterans and their families. We would be honored to have the opportunity to pay tribute to you and your families.

Two professional musicians will be performing. They also write their own music. One musician is a Vietnam veteran and also a Veteran / former medic during  Dessert storm. The other had a brother and best friend who served in Vietnam.

Tickets are $12.00 each and absolute purchase deadline is March 4th, 2011.

*This means that we need your actual payment by March 4th in order for your ticket to be processed.

If you purchase on-line, they are $13 per ticket. Click on link below.

You can send check to: Thuy Smith International, P.O. Box 641, Chippewa Falls, WI -54729

(If possible, please send email so we can send you payment confirmation that way) or send your phone number with check and we will call you with your confirmation number. Receipt upon request.

Tickets will be held for you at the event. Only ticket holders will be able to enter and there will be no tickets purchased on the day of event. Eagles Club Directions -2588 Hallie Road- HWY 53, Chippewa Falls, WI

Call us for any questions: (715) 861-3081

         Lake Hallie Eagle’s Club

Thank you~Thuy Smith

Proud Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran

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