Mike Haley serves on the Thuy Smith International Outreach (TSIO) Advisory Board. He is a County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) and Vietnam Era Vet.

A summary of VA benefits

 The Veterans Administration has a variety of benefits available to veterans.  There are eligibility criteria for these benefits that can be established by checking with Veteran Service Offices in each county. 

These benefits include compensation if you are disabled as a result of your military service.  There is also a non-service related disability pension for wartime veterans with limited income and assets and are disabled or at least 65 years old.  There is no time limit to apply for these benefits.

 One big benefit is health care from the VA.  The VA Health Care system can provide primary care, hospital care, medications, counseling and many other services to veterans.  There are some eligibility criteria but many veterans are able to use this program.  They have VA clinics in many areas including Chippewa Falls, Rice Lake, Hayward and Loyal, Wisconsin.  They have Medical Centers in Minneapolis, MN and Tomah, WI. 

 There are also other programs that deal with Education, Home Loans, burial benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation and employment.  Some lower-income veterans could be eligible for grants to help with dental care, vision and hearing issues.

 This is a brief summary of Veterans benefits.  If you have questions you can call a VA representative including County Veteran Service Officers in your county. 

 See link below for more information on the VA Health Care system- https://commonbondveteranscircle.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/va-health-care-information/

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