Mike Haley is on the Advisory Board for Thuy Smith International Outreach. He is also a County Veteran Service Officer for WI.

Veterans Non-Service Connected Pension

 A VA pension is paid to wartime veterans who have limited income and are considered to be totally disabled for work purposes.  A wartime veteran age 65 is automatically considered disabled for this pension.

The general rule for eligibility is active duty service with an honorable discharge served at least at some point during wartime.   Most veterans serving from December 7, 1941 through December 31, 1946, June 27, 1950 through January 31, 1955, August 5, 1964 through May 7, 1975 and after August 2, 1990 are in the eligible timeframe.

The financial numbers to be used for determining this pension are income from almost all sources including social security, interest, retirement payments, dividends, and from a business. The veteran’s household income can be reduced by subtracting a portion of medical expenses incurred during the year.  After subtracting medical expenses from the income, if a single veteran’s income is below $985.00 a month or a married veteran’s household income is below $1291.00 a month, they could be eligible for pension (2011 figures).

The numbers for a married couple would include both incomes and both medical expenses.

Additional benefits are payable to veterans who are permanently Housebound or are in need of Aid and Attendance of another person to perform the daily activities of living. If a wartime veteran needs help in daily living functions (such as bathing, feeding, dressing etc), is blind or bedridden, they may be eligible for a higher amount of pension.  A veteran in a nursing home or in some cases assisted living; they may also be eligible for the higher rates.

If you have any questions contact your County Veterans Service Officer located usually at the courthouse, or other VA representative.

2 thoughts on “Veterans Non-Service Connected Pension

    1. Hi John.

      It is different for a person depending on where they live. Here is what I received from a CVSO for our area-
      The answer to that question is maybe. I know that is not what they want to hear, but it is better than no.

      Most veterans who use the VA medical system have not been in Vietnam, nor are they service connected. There is a priority system that allows many to use the VA Medical system if they are honorably discharged active duty veterans. There is an income limit on some veterans, but the only way to really know is to fill out the application for VA healthcare.

      The best way is to fill out an application – VA Form 10-10ez. Make sure the form is completely filled out and send it and a copy of their 214 to whatever VA they want to use. Sometimes the only way I will know if someone is eligible is see their application.

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