From our 2012 Vietnam War Symposium (All Rights Reserved) TSIO

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Allan received his BA from Syracuse University (1968), Master of Science (Library Science), Simmons College (1970), Master of Divinity, Bangor Theo Seminary (1977, Doctor of Ministry, Pittsburgh Theo Seminary (1996). Held pastorates in Weld, ME, Stamford, NY, New Martinsville, WV, Duluth, MN (16 years), then served as executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of South Louisiana.

Allan was in the US Navy from 1969 to 1975, 5 years on active duty – as an enlisted man in the Naval Security group, then as an officer – first as an advisor in VN then as a teacher at the Naval Academy prep School.

Other Writing from Alan Cutter-

The Journey from Hell to Hope

War as a Prayer

Disclaimer: If you are needing more extensive assistance or counseling, there are many available agencies to assist you. No blogs are ever meant to substitute a person seeking help through professional counseling. We are merely a platform for others to share their experiences and opinions.

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