al cutterThe Letter of Paul to the Beloved Warrior

When it so roundly condemns war and its attendant destruction, how can the christian faith, or any faith, speak to the warrior? This “previously unknown” letter from the Apostle Paul provides a possible answer. Conceived in the imagination of a Vietnam Veteran who is also a christian struggling to reconcile his two different and difficult life experiences, one as a warrior and the other as a pastor, this short book offers an opening for discussion of a healing journey.You can purchase this at and it is available for kindle.

Alan Cutter served in the US Navy from 1960 to 1975, five years on active duty- as an enlisted man in the Naval Security Group, then as an officer- first as an advisor in Vietnam then as a teacher at the Naval Academy Prep School.  

Alan Cutter with beretAlan presented some of his perspectives at one of our events in 2012. See footage and other writings:

War as a Prayer

From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to Post Traumatic Spiritual Disorder

The Journey from Hell to Hope

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