“Chicken man is down”

yelled soldier with a grin.

“Hope fucker burns in Hell

places he’s put us in.”


We had just returned

to gather more supplies.

“L.C.’s chopper is down.”

“The smoke is where it lies.”


“Saddle up, move quickly.”

“Catch chopper number one.”

Recon, saddle two through four.”

“Get going guys, have fun.”


Up into the midday air

four choppers quickly flew.

Twenty-five of us secured

down chopper and its crew.


Pilot with two broken legs.

Co-pilot broken back.

Huey chopper is destroyed

and one L.C. we lack.


(C) John Steinmeyer


Another L.T. Colonel

has come to take the place

of asshole in the chopper

who landed on his face.


But this one is so different.

He cares about his men.

He’s got his shit together.

We’re doing good again.


Thank God there are no screw ups

like all we had before.

There is no damn distinction

being casualties of war.


This L.C.’s a humper.

He comes out in the shit.

But thirty days of humpin’

will get our L.C. hit.


This time there is sorrow.

We lost a good L.C.

Now we sit and wonder

and wait for number three.


(c) John Steinmeyer

  1. Other Side
  2. Sniffer
  3. The Fish
  4. More to Come

John Steinmeyer served in Vietnam as an Infantry Sergeant with the 9th division in the Mekong Delta, then was transferred to the 25th Division and served the last half of his tour in a sniper team.

Thuy Smith’s father (Vietnam Veteran) and Vietnamese mother along with Thuy were friends of John and his family. This will be the first post of a collection of poems that John wrote of his many experiences during his time in Vietnam. The collection is titled – The Rain. Thuy Smith (TSOI) was given permission to share his poems on all of TSOI’s media platforms, etc.

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