Hello everyone.

This blog is a part of the Thuy Smith International Outreach organization and is about all Veterans as well as a big focus on the Vietnam War era. It will be about return trips back to Vietnam, our Annual Vietnam Veteran’s Day gatherings (open state-wide and to other states), presentations I or other Vets are involved in, & other resources and information that may be of interest.

We will also have a guest blogger from time to time including from family members.

Everyone’s experience was different in Vietnam (Vietnamese, Hmong, and other American veterans), different when they returned (or back in Vietnam), their process of healing, & where they are with this process today.

We respect all experiences and all processes.  We try to bring awareness to everyone’s story.

Although different experiences, many similarities.  Let’s come together on the similarities. Let’s take what was once considered a negative and turn it into a positive.


There was and is  healing to be done all the way around.  We have new important roles to play.

Coming together with the connection to Vietnam that only we can understand best, can be healing. Telling your stories is even more powerful, not only for healing, but for education. (Click on categories in drop down menu (upper Left side).

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Proud Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and Advocate for peace & healing for all

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