Thuy Smith

Founder, President of Thuy Smith International Outreach (TSIO)

Former Director of a Substance Abuse Recovery House

Co-Founder / Former Producer of a Teen Radio Talk Show

Producer- Thuy Smith Show

Proud Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and Cambodian Vietnamese Mother.

Go to website for more information about the organization and my personal connection-

Mike Muller

Mike serves on the Thuy Smith International Outreach Advisory Board. Psychologist (PH.D), and Vietnam Veteran who has counseled Veterans and their families for many years.

A Dream of Heaven product image
Find it at (click image)

He served as a MACV CORDS Operations Advisor, Binh Chanh District, 1970. Briefing officer for DEPCORDS Ambassador Funkhouser to CG & staff, III Corps Vietnam, 1971. In addition to briefing the staff , he briefed visiting officials such as the Secretary of the Army. He was in Vietnam for one tour.

After returning from Vietnam he attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned an MA in creative writing, and an M.Ed. and Ph.D. in counseling psychology. In 1981 he went to work for the Vet Center in San Antonio, Texas. After three years he went into private practice, worked in corporate outplacement, worked for nuclear security at a power plant, and taught psychology before returning to the VA. He worked with one of the pioneers in the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD for a number of years before becoming a Vet Center team leader. He is now retired.

Mike is also the author of a Vietnam love-and-war novel, A Dream of Heaven, which he published under the pen name of Michael FitzGordon. It is available on Kindle.

Mike Haley

 Mike has worked with veterans for the State of Wisconsin Job Centers in employment -related issues for about twelve years. He has been the Veteran’s Service Officer in Chippewa County for the last 10 years. In this job we work with veterans in getting an assortment of benefits from the Veterans Administration.

He is a member of several Veteran organizations and attend numerous functions related to my job. He’s had the great experience of talking with many veterans from World War II to present about their experiences in the military and how it affects them.

I am very supportive of Thuy and her organization and hope I can have some positive input. She is a big advocate of Vietnam Veterans and works to honor them.

 Tracey Wolfe

Tracey Wolfe is a proud daughter of Vietnam Veteran Glen “Pete” Johnson. After his sudden death in August 2011, Glen left his family an amazing gift in the form of a simple notebook. Contained in its pages was a detailed description of the first three months of Glen’s year-long tour of service in Vietnam. She and her family have begun a quest to learn more about the rest of her father’s service and to find answers to questions that Glen couldn’t bring himself to answer.

In her blog, Tracey shares Glen’s story and her own. “This is a journey of healing for me,” she explains. “ I hope I can draw from Dad’s sincerity and wit. If even one person finds hope, healing, or comfort from our story, then I know I am honoring his memory and truly thanking all those who have loved and supported and helped my Dad.”

4 thoughts on “Blog Author Bios

  1. Jim is a friend of mine and fellow Vietnam Vet, I am planning to go back to Vietnam with him. My old airfield and base camp is still there and I have someplace to visit. I also want to help Jim find his girlfriend.

    1. That is great. Vietnam is a different place. You will find there is open arms from the majority of the people, although, I’ve never seen with any of my return trips with vets any hostility. Hopefully this show will help. We do have a good following including from Vietnam. So fingers crossed.

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