Learn About the Sacrifices of the Hmong and Laos Soldiers During the War in Vietnam

Presentation done at the Hmong, Laos, and American Veteran Memorial 

Watch video and see more pictures that follow.

I am a woman of proud mixed heritage. I have a Cambodian mother who was from Vietnam and I too was born in Vietnam. I also have an American Vietnam Veteran father and I’m a proud daughter of a Vietnam Vet.

Hmong, Laos, & American Veteran Memorial

See video of actual Hmong dance

*The next generation of Hmong soldiers were also present at the ceremony

Thank you to Steven Skofield and many Vietnam Veterans like him who have not forgotten the Hmong people and their veterans. Who have made it their mission to bridge the gap in bringing awareness and understanding to others about the Hmong as well.

*TSIO also recognizes the sacrifices and loss from all “sides” of the former war. It is our hope that some healing and closure be found for everyone. The least anyone did at the time- was their duty.

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