Living on Purpose- Thuy Smith International

Living on Purpose- Thuy Smith International

Welcome to my personal blog. I will share my many thoughts & reflections regarding my everyday happenings, things I find of interest, inspirational, of a reflective spiritual nature, & so on. Great video clips are posted that educate, encourage, uplift, & empower. Click on link below.


World Outreach- Thuy Smith International

Hello everyone.

This blog is a part of the Thuy Smith International Outreach organization-

Follow my posts regarding my return trips to Vietnam & Cambodia, our outreach work in these countries, information about the cultures, and other issues and areas of interest.

World-Wide Recovery Advocacy- Thuy Smith International

Addictions is not an individual problem, it is a community health problem. It affects everyone. However, with opportunity for recovery, everyone also benefits.

Healthy individuals equal healthy families and healthy communities.

“We let others define us by our silence”
Author Unknown
  • Bridging the gap (Integration rather than separation)
  • Promoting Awareness regarding a health issue / illness that affects everybody in our community
  • Advocacy -addressing the shame, stigma, and discrimination through education and understanding

Together we can make a difference  

-Celebrating people in recovery and celebrating those that help make that possible.

-Supporting and educating families and the community on the family and other societal aspects of the drug and alcohol problems in our communities.

Stay Informed

Learn more about the dynamics of addiction,
how it affects everyone, and that recovery is possible.

This Blog will educate and bring awareness to various issues related to Alcohol and other Drug Abuse / addictions, Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery. It will also question and challenge policies, belief systems, and other various practices related to AODA. Our TV Shows are archived here and our blogs are written by various professionals working in the field.

Stay informed about events and other activities.

Be connected to resources that educate and help support
those whose lives have been affected by alcohol and other drug abuse or dependency, including the family component.


2 thoughts on “Our Other Blogs

  1. Hi Thuy,

    This is Terri Noel- the ELL coordinator at the Altoona School District. I realized I lost your email, and wanted to get in touch with you. We are enrolling two new students who have recently moved here from Vietnam (one in the middle school and one in the high school) and I’ll be looking for some community connections to help them. Could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks so much!

    ~Terri Noel

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