Health and Wellness- Thuy Smith Outreach

Welcome to my personal blog. I will share my many thoughts & reflections regarding health & healing, healthy relationships and boundaries, lessons learned, self-care, and spiritual reflections . Click on link below.


World Outreach- Thuy Smith International

Follow my posts regarding my return trips to Vietnam & Cambodia, our outreach work in these countries, information about the cultures, and other issues and areas of interest.


Click link below


2 thoughts on “Our Other Blogs

  1. Hi Thuy,

    This is Terri Noel- the ELL coordinator at the Altoona School District. I realized I lost your email, and wanted to get in touch with you. We are enrolling two new students who have recently moved here from Vietnam (one in the middle school and one in the high school) and I’ll be looking for some community connections to help them. Could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks so much!

    ~Terri Noel

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